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Inspection By Exception
Model 505

The Model 505 combines the strengths of human inspection with the technology of AOI to create a more accurate and efficient quality control process.

Removing the time and exhaustive effort of manually checking each component, the 505 automatically scans and identifies components that appear different from the reference “golden board”. Only those components in question are brought to the operator’s attention and are individually displayed at a high-resolution 10x magnification. The inspector is prompted to review the questionable items by using a set of specifically designed software tools. The strengths of the inspector are maximized because they only review the components that appear different.

For example, on a board with 1000 items, an inspector will typically be effective on 200 to 300 items. By using the Testronics model 505, all 1000 items will be inspected automatically. The 10 - 20 items that the system is unsure of will be displayed for inspector to review. The inspector reviews each subjective item and with the press of a single key decides if the item is acceptable or not. By utilizing this Inspection by Exception technique, the inspector is focused on the differences, not the similarities. The items the inspector actually looks at is reduced dramatically while the total number of items inspected is increased from 20% - 30% to almost 100%.  This adds value to your operations by:

  • Improving throughput
  • Increasing inspection accuracy and fault coverage
  • Providing a structured sequence to inspection
  • Quantifying a subjective process
  • Recording of all inspection data for process control

Testronics is re-defining the meaning of automated optical inspection.

The model 505, three tools in one:

  1. High Resolution Color Viewer – This level requires no programming and no tooling. Simply put the board on the system and acquire the images. The system will then display subsequent boards to the first by flashing between the first image and the current image. This will step the operator through a systematic inspection of the boards with a 10X magnification of high-resolution color images. An important advantage is that the inspector will need considerably less training to be able to distinguish between a good and bad assembly because both images are flashing on the screen.

  2. First Article Inspection – Almost no programming is required for this. By using the BOM and x,y locations, the system can be set up in minutes to perform a first article inspection. Even if no data is available, a bare board with silkscreen can be used to locate the components. At this level, the system will automatically highlight and locate each component, (10x color image), and display the BOM text. The inspector can then determine placement, presence, and part markings. No Load information and location can also be displayed for the inspector to verify that a part is not present. After the inspector has stepped through all of the items, an inspection report is automatically created indicating the component, location, BOM info, and whether or not the inspector passed or failed the item.

  3. True AOI Inspection - The 505 is also an intelligent automatic optical inspection system with fault coverage rivaling AOI systems costing hundreds of thousands of dollars more and detecting faults such as:

• Missing Components
• Reversed Components
• Polarity Marks
• Solder Bridges
• Placement Defects
• Tombstoning
• Billboarding
• Skew
• No Loads

Programming is accomplished in hours rather than weeks and is facilitated by using standard pick and place data and part libraries. The Inspection by Exception technique provides the ability to create a complete program and run production within that same day. Additionally, all inspection data is logged into a Microsoft Access database so that inspection plays a major role in a closed loop quality control system.

Testronics not only offers quality products, we offer our customers long lasting value and service with our low cost of ownership advantages such as:

• Free Software updates for the life of the system.
• No charge training at our Texas facility.
• Unlimited telephone support.

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