Testronics Model 506
Large Assembly / Backplane / Backpanel
Benchtop AOI / Tabletop AOI
Automated Optical Inspection System

All the Advanced Software Capabilities of the other Testronics Benchtop AOI systems--But in a Much Larger Package!

This system was developed to provide a high coverage, easy-to-program AOI system for the larger backplanes / backpanels being produced today. Testronics is the leader in backplane / backpanel test and the 506 continues our commitment to provide the industry with the latest, most innovative test / inspection solutions available.


Model Details:
  • Large 24" x 36" ( 60cm x 91cm) inspection area
  • High Speed X-Y Stage handles up to a 30 lb ( 13 kilo) assembly 
  • Enhanced lighting to provide superior connector / pin illumination
  • Increased top & bottom clearance to facilitate tall components
  • Detects bent and missing pins, (even suitable for VHDM connectors)
  • Verifies connector orientation, and correct keying
  • Suitable for through hole and SMT components, missing, tombstoned, skewed, etc...
  • Detects missing bypass capacitors and reversed tantalums
  • Identifies filled holes on bare boards prior to connector loading
  • Can inspect backside for pin insertion
  • Can program a 40k point backplane in approximately 2 - 4 hours.


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