Testronics Model 402HV, High Voltage
Backplane Test System
for high reliability backplane testing

Our model 402HV is the result of 25 years of high voltage / high pin count test systems experience. We produced our first high voltage system back in 1985. It was programmable up to 600 volts / 600 Mohms and had over 49,000 test points. It could test a 5k point board in less that 15 seconds. Since then we have built hundreds of high voltage test systems, with our highest voltage system capable of testing up to 2000 Volts DC / 1500 Volts AC. (One of our 600 volt systems, built in 1986 is still in operation testing boards for a defense contractor.)

Our model 402HV is our latest generation system and can be configured with a wide range of voltage capabilities. (Our latest system shipped was a 500 volt 402HV with 61,000 test points.)

High Speed / High Pin Count / High Reliability

Dielectric Withstanding Voltage (DWV) Testing

High Insulation Resistance (IR)Testing

Low Ohm Continuity Testing


Specific details:

  • 40,960 total test point capacity (61,440 with custom grid)
  • Tests backplanes up to 60" x 30" (152cm x 76cm) in one pass / one fixture
  • Four Voltage Configurations Available:
    • 100 Volt DC / 100 Volts AC / 100Mohms Isolation
    • 500 Volt DC / 500 Volts AC / 500 Mohms Isolation
    • 1,000 Volt DC / 750 Volts AC / 1 Gohm Isolation
    • 1,500 Volt DC / 1,050 Volts AC / 1 Gohm Isolation
  • Continuity measurements down to .001 ohms
  • High Speed Parallel Test Algorithms (Isolation & Continuity)
  • Test 20,000 point backplane for Low ohm Continuity & HV Isolation in less than 1 minute
  • Fully programmable measurement parameters and thresholds
  • Resistors, Capacitors & Inductors
  • DC Capacitor test for measuring large capacitances
  • Diodes, LEDs, Zeners & Transistors
  • Vectorless: Diode Junction Scan for IC Testing
  • Missing & Bent Pins
  • Connector Orientation & Keying
  • Detects High Resistance Shorts and Leakages
  • Independent control of the test result formats for the Display, Printer and Log file
  • Test function to allow the calling of an external EXE program
  • External I/O Control to allow Test Program control of active fixtures (dual stage, motors, etc.)


  • Vectorless: HP (Agilent) TestJet (for IC testing & capacitor polarity verification)
  • Agilent programmable power supplies to power up the backplane for voltage testing
  • Relay Matrix Cards to allow connection to external instruments under program control
  • EEPROM programming
  • Twizard CAD translation utility for Net List programming
  • 4 wire Kelvin through the grid to eliminate interface resistance




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