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Upgrading the Testronics 401 Backplane
Test System to the 402LV
Backplane Test System

401 to 402 Upgrade
20,480 test point model 401 Backplane Tester
20,480 test point model 402LV Backplane Tester


401 End of Life: The 401 has been in operation for over 15 years with millions of backplanes having been tested. However, due to the difficulty in obtaining replacement parts, we've been forced to cease support for the model 401. (The 401 was designed in 1994 and many component manufacturers no longer produce the parts that are used in the 401.)

The replacement to the 401 is our new generation, model 402 Backplane Test System. The 402 can test larger backplanes, be expanded to 40k test points, and is compatible with fixtures and test programs developed for the 401.

The 401 and the 402 use the same 6 wire switch matrix pin cards. This gives us the ability to offer an upgrade path from the 401 to the 402. (The 401's switch matrix cards will be re-warranted as part of the upgrade package.)

Upgrade Points:

• By upgrading, you can recoup between 40% -50% of the 401's original purchase price.

• The upgrade can be performed on-site, keeping production down time to a minimum. No need to send the 401 back to the factory.

• New computer system running under Windows XP / Vista allowing secure network connectivity

• New software for the obsolete IEEE instruments and IEEE PC cards

• Testronics factory personnel will perform on-site training as part of the upgrade package

• New factory warranty on the upgraded 402, (included the switch matrix pin cards from the original 401)

• The 402 provides the ability to test backplanes that are physically larger than can fit onto the 401

• The 402 provides the ability to test backplanes with higher test point counts than can be tested with the 401



Testronics 401
Testronics 402LV
Max test point count
65,536 (40,960 bottom + 24,576 top)
Max board size
34”(86cm) wide
60” (152cm) wide
Computer System & OS
1 running Windows ‘98
1 running Windows XP for secure networking
1 embedded running the tester for compatibility


Fixture and Test Program Compatibility

The existing 401 test fixtures and test programs are fully compatible with the 402 system......

Upgrading to over 20k test points

If you need 30k or even 40k test points, you can still upgrade. Save money by using your existing 401 to upgrade the first 20k test points and then purchase new switch cards to go up to 30k or 40k test points.


Model 402 Backplane Test System with 40,960 Test Points


Learn More

Please contact us directly so that we can discuss the upgrade in more detail: Contact Us


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