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Testronics Model 504
High Speed / Low Cost Benchtop Automated Optical Inspection System

Two to four times the speed at approximately half the price

The model 504 is the latest Benchtop / Tabletop Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) System from Testronics. This system was developed specifically to provide higher throughput but at a much lower price. Two to four times the speed at approximately half the price without compromising on inspection accuracy or capabilities.

See Features and Benefits or download the Model 504 Data Sheet (PDF) for detailed information.

Above: Insufficient Solder Inspection

Above: Alternate Lighting illuminates 
laser etched top marks

Above: Paste Inspection

Applications for this model:

  • Lead Free / No Lead Inspection
  • Fine Pitch & small component inspection
    (01005 & .3mm Devices)
  • High Mix, Low Volume
  • Medium Mix, Medium Volume
  • New Product Introduction
  • Line Change Verification
  • First Article Inspection
  • Components with no electrical test coverage 
    (Transparent to Test)
Summary of Advanced Features & Options:
  • 5th generation system software
  • Adjustable Resolution from 24 microns per pixel to 9 microns per pixel
  • User defined data logging of all measurements of both passes & fails
  • Visual Basic programming language added for advanced applications
  • Bar codes & 2d matrix can be read through the camera eliminating scanning by the operator
  • Multiple lighting options are now available to support advanced applications
  • Graphical utility utilizing transparent overlays to quickly create new library items 
  • Algorithms now accept Hue, Saturation, and Luminance parameters as well as Red, Green & Blue
  • Panelization utility with global or individual image rotation & offset
  • Local & global fiducials are supported
  • Support for Skip Marks & panel X-OUTS during runtime
  • Advanced inspection algorithms
  • Offline programming
  • Offline repair / review

Typical Fault Detection:
  • Missing components
  • Reversed components
  • Polarity Mark detection
  • Solder defects (excessive, insufficient, bridging, etc)
  • Color markings & text verification
  • Placement / position defects
  • Tombstoning & Billboarding
  • Part present when it should be absent (no load)
  • Bent & missing connector pins / missing pin in hole

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Model 504 Resources
Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

Data Sheets

Product Data Sheet:
Model 504 (440 KB)

0201 Inspection Capability (4.3 MB)
Lead Free / No Lead Inspection Report (1 MB)
Application Notes

Inspection by Exception

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