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Testronics Model 505A
Advanced Benchtop Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) System

A low cost, quick-to-program,
easy-to-use system

For detailed information about this system, download the Model 505A Data Sheet (PDF) or see Features and Benefits or Model 505A & 506 AOI Product Family.

Applications for this model:

  • High Mix, Low Volume
  • Medium Mix, Medium Volume
  • New Product Introduction
  • Line Change Verification
  • First Article Inspection
  • Large Boards & Backplanes
  • Components with no electrical test coverage 
    (Transparent to Test)

Above: 0201 inspection

Above: .020" device-skewed & bridging



Summary of Advanced Features & Options:
  • 5th generation system software
  • Interactive / dynamic inspection with external 24 channel I/O
  • Visual Basic programming language added for advanced applications
  • Multiple cameras are now available with different resolutions and field of view sizes
  • Bar codes & 2d matrix can be read through the camera eliminating scanning by the operator
  • Multiple lighting options are now available to support advanced applications
  • Graphical utility utilizing transparent overlays to quickly create new library parts 
  • Algorithms now accept Hue, Saturation, and Luminance parameters as well as Red, Green & Blue
  • Panelization utility with global or individual image rotation & offset
  • Local & global fiducials are now supported
  • Support for Skip Mark and panel X-OUTS during runtime
  • Advanced inspection algorithms
  • Offline programming
  • Offline repair / review

Typical Fault Detection:
  • Missing components
  • Reversed components
  • Polarity Mark detection
  • Solder defects (excessive, insufficient, bridging, etc)
  • Color markings & text verification
  • Placement / position defects
  • Tombstoning & Billboarding
  • Part present when it should be absent (no load)
  • Bent & missing connector pins / missing pin in hole

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Model 505A Resources
Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

Data Sheets

Product Data Sheet:
Model 505A (1 MB)

0201 Inspection Capability (4.3 MB)
Lead Free / No Lead Inspection Report (1 MB)

Model 505A & 506 AOI Product Family

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